Sunday, 11 October 2015


Apologies to all our visitors for the lack of updates. It has been manic here at ALL BEAR and I am hoping to update this page soon with all the latest news on upcoming issues and feature guys.

Keep checking back for more


Friday, 30 January 2015

Latest ALL BEAR out NOW!

Our first issue of 2015 is so full of beartastic goodness that you will not want to miss it.

We are very excited to bring to you this issue the start of our new comic strip "The Erotic Adventures of Billy the Bear". Created, written and drawn by Peter Inscoe, each issue will see Billy getting into all kinds of predicaments for your enjoyment.

We have a great selection of feature guys for you to feast your eyes over. Real Men Real Life photographer John Edward Fink has really captured just how hot our cover guy Doug is in an extended cover guy feature. And what can we say about this issue's YogaBearStudio model except that what a great job David has done with his model Bob. It's another hot outdoor photo fest.

Our regular, Bearfilms, and Pantheon men are joined this issue with an all new feature. The Men of Hairy & Raw promises to be a feature that will be hotter than hot!

With Jeff and Rawiri rounding off our eye-candy this issue and with all your regular features from Da Taz, Rob Scoundrel, Jaison Simmons, Strong Sense and Wyatt O'Brian Evans bringing you their take on the bear world we live in makes this issue unmissable!

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Monday, 5 January 2015 brings you The Three Kings event

Friends of ALL BEAR, GEAR Ireland have a great unmissable event lined up. If you can make it make sure to head over to there site for full details.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Latest issue of ALL BEAR out NOW!

It's our last regular issue of the year and as ever we go out with a bang.

Issue 30 is filled to the brim with some of THE best beartastic content around. From cover bear Christopher right through to the last page, there is something for everyone in this issue.

Regular feature writers Da Taz, Jaison Simmonds, Rob Scoundral and Strong Sense talk about subjects that at one time or another have affected us all in their highly entertaining and informative articles. We also welcome back writer Jed Ryan, who interviews NYC beefcake Chris Reed. Writer Wyatt O'Brian Evans brings us the latest chapter of his "Hung & the Horny" series. And things really hot up in this new chapter!

Along with all our hot feature guys and regular features plus an exclusive interview with The Yorkshire Bears founder Geoff Widdop, this is an issue you will not want to miss.

Get yours now!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Latest Special Edition out now - And what a special it is!

This is one of our most anticipated releases to date! And what an issue we have for you.

We are very excited to bring to you Bubbatopia's very own special edition. Since his first appearance way back in issue 16 of ALL BEAR (Available HERE) we were getting a constant flow of messages asking if we
planned on doing a special devoted to him. And here it is!

With arguably one of THE most recognisable bodies around, Bubbatopia has built up a legion of online fans by posting over the years some of the most memorable images to be found on the net. This special is packed
full of more unforgettable images of this very hot-looking man that I think you will all enjoy. Many of them have been taken just for this very special.

I think you will all agree that this is one very, very hot special.

Get yours now!

Available from:

And our Selz page:


Monday, 13 October 2014

YorkshireBears 2015 Calendar

Make sure you do not miss out on this very special calendar from the Yorkshirebears. 

There are some very hot images inside and all proceeds go to two very worthy charites, Prostrate Cancer UK and Yorkshire Mesmac.

There is a limited run of this calendar so get yours NOW!

Full ordering details HERE

Sunday, 12 October 2014

We are pleased to announce that the hugely popular ALL BEAR 6 pack is now available on Selz.

To celebrate this for a limited time only we are offering you the 6 pack for ONLY £4.00 when bought
from Selz! For those not having this in there ALL BEAR collection now is a good time to get it.

The 6 pack consists of ALL BEARS second year. All 6 issues (7-12) in one handy pack at a knock down price. 

That is over 500 pages of beartastic enjoyment for less than a penny a page!

Head on over to Selz to get yours now.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Latest ALL BEAR out NOW!

The issue you have all been waiting for is out now!

Issue 29 of ALL BEAR is a bit of a special issue this time around, especially for fans of Marc Angelo. As a small thank you to Marc we have devoted the lion's share of this issue to this very, very hot bear. Inside you will find an extended feature gallery of him (courtesy of plus an exclusive interview with the man himself. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with what we have to show and learn about Marc.

Along with Marc you will find your regular fix of feature guys including a model from our popular Men of Pantheon feature. This issue we feature none other than Michael Scott, a bear we get asked a lot about. Also this issue we have a familar face to some as our Men of YogaBearStrudio model shows all.

Also inside is an exclusive interview with musician Drake Jensen, making Issue 29 an issue you will not want to miss.

Get yours NOW! Only £1.50 from and also available from our Selz page: 

You do not want to miss this one.


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Latest FREE newsletter out now!

Grab yourself the latest free ALL BEAR newsletter now.

Inside you will find an ALL BEAR Quickie, a mini story, Bear Art and a sneak peek as to who you can expect to see in the upcoming issue. Plus a featured guy from the ALL BEAR archive and if that was not enough we have our Pantheon Productions man of the month, our wet_bears man of the month and our man of the month as well as our regular reprinting of an interview or article from our ever expanding archive.

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Friday, 8 August 2014

ALL BEAR EXTRA issue 3 out NOW!

It's that time of year where we offer up to you a little extra slice of ALL BEAR. And with summeroften called the summer of love we bring to you an issue full of couples.

This 92-page issue brings you 5 very hot couples sharing some very intimate moments together plus two stories that will have the imagination racing.

The last time we did a couples themed issue (ALL BEAR issue 10) it proved very popular indeed and
we think this will prove just as popular.

And at only £1, what's to lose?

Get yours now HERE